• Financial advisory

Financial advisory

Financial modelling and model review

A well structured, consistent and flexible financial model is a critical tool for both raising finance and assessing the impact of strategic choices upon your business. The effective financial model is an essential tool for each company to the following processes: future planning, financial or strategic decision making. Our colleagues have extensive experience both in financial modelling and in model reviews with international background as well.

Model review

Financial models need to be reviewed - as the following chart illustrates - over and over again. The need for a rigorous and independent review of the financial models becomes more pressing in the Companies’ life as time passes. Companies also may need model reviews to official authorizations, institutional regulations for example to authorization procedure, loan requests etc.

  • Company introduction
  • Market environment and sector specific information
  • Product/Service lines
  • Marketing plan
  • Operational plan
  • Financial plan
  • Structuring and capitalisation
  • Organizational Structure

Project financing and PPP consulting

In case of project financing long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based upon a limited recourse is financed in a way where the project debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash-flow generated by the project.
The project structure, the risk of the operation and the risk breakdown between the investors, creditors and the other involved parties in the project are examined before the development of the financial structure.

The basic terms of project financing are the followings:

  • New company is established for the project realisation/operation
  • The project can be detached from the mother company (physically and legally)
  • The incomes and the costs can be clearly separated
  • Cooperation with technical/engineering experts if needed
  • Own equity needed, depending on the size and type of the project.

Our financial experts help our client with the process of the project financing from the development of the financial strategy to the project closure.

Financial strategy development

„Money is the link between the company and its environment”

During the development of the financial strategies we provide personalised services to our clients. We analyze the company’s market and financial position, and help to place the key milestones related to the company’s future. The definition and development of the appropriate strategy depends on the company’s historical financial data, its free capacity, and whether it needs any reconstruction/development/expansion or not.

Raising capital

We provide capital raising services: debt and equity finance.
We are ready to help our clients with the loan applications as well. We know the requirements of the commercial banks thus we can provide personalised recommendations to them related to the loan application process. We help to collets the documentations and the information needed. During the application process we provide mediation service to get the most favourable conditions.
In the case of innovations, R&D projects and Greenfield investments we help to involve venture capital to the project.

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